Find workshops to help with searching, Harvard Style referencing and EndNote.

The library offers regular workshops to further develop your research skills, the learning skills focusing on academic reading/writing, citing and referencing skills, searching strategy and the use of EndNote software.

The library will send you an invitation link one day prior to the date preferred.

The workshop will only be conducted when there are 5 registered participants or more. Alternatively, we will suggest another date and time.

Library Literacy Workshop

Self-Learning via Canvas

[M1] Library Orientation
[M2] Library Search: Basic
[M3] Library Search Advanced
[M4] Access the best resource
[M5] Referencing: cite your resources

  • Harvard Swinburne
  • APA 7th Edition: Basic (Only conducted upon request)

[M6] Introduction to EndNote 20 Desktop
[M7] Using EndNote with Word 

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Workshops (F2F, Online or Hybrid):

  1. Introduction to Library Essentials [M1, M2)
  2. Search Strategies and Citation [M3, M4, M5]
  3. Citation Management with EndNote [M6 & M7]
  4. Postgraduate Research Skills [M3, M4, M5, M6 & M7]
Course or Topic-Based Workshop / Tailored Workshop


Program Audience Program Content Workshops type
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 F2F, Online or Hybrid  
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Introduction to Library Essentials:

  • Learn how easy it is to access library services and resources.
  • Duration for each module: 30-60 mins
  • Workshop Duration: 1 hour
N     To be confirmedTo be confirmed 

Search Strategies and Citation:

  • To find sources for your research, you will probably need to use library database collections.
  • To use them effectively, it is important to understand how to search them.
  • In this module, you will learn different ways to search.
  • Duration for each module: 30-60 mins
  • Workshop Duration: 2 hours
N & C    9th May 2023
16th May 2023
23rd May 2023
30th May 2023

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Citation Management with EndNote:

    • Learn how to get started using Endnote20 for your research projects.
    • This module will show you how to use CWYW while maintaining the digital integrity of your Word documents.
    • Duration for each module: 30-60 mins
    • Workshop Duration: 2 hours
N & C     10th May 2023
17th May 2023
24th May 2023
31st May 2023

Time: 12-2pm
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Postgraduate Research Skills:

  • More sophisticated search strategies.
  • Use specialised resources, evaluate and synthesize resources in context of own research as well as within the discipline as a whole.
  • Duration for each module: 30 -60mins
  • M3, M4 & M5: 90-120mins
  • M6 & M7: 60-90mins
  • Duration for each module: 30 – 60 mins
  • M3, M4 & M5: 90 -120 mins
  • M6 & M7: 60 – 90 mins
PG  To request for this workshop or any of these modules, please email library@swinburne.edu.my 


N – New students
C – Continuing students
PG – Postgraduate (by Coursework or Research)

Library can also customize these workshops for particular research interests.
Lecturers who wish to request for a different session, please fill in the Training Workshop e-form.