Upcoming events

Find out what events are coming up, and join us!

Upcoming events

It is with great pleasure that we, the Postgraduate Research Society (PGRS) Swinburne Sarawak present to you our plan of activities to engage HDR students academically and socially in 2022. As the new committee kick starts their term, we wish to request your support for our annual program.

The events are open to all postgraduate students in Swinburne Sarawak. The purpose of these events is to foster academic participation, encourage research students to interact and share their experience with each other, foster social interaction, and to ensure well-being and interest of the students. Do note that the events listed are tentative and may change as time progresses (Updated as of 17 November 2022).

Date Event Description
23 February 2022 Welcome Party To introduce PGRS to new postgraduate students and introduce the new committees to current students. The plans for the yearly activities will be made known to all students and their suggestions will be incorporated to the plan. Recently enrolled HDR students will have a chance to get to know more people and find friends.
16 March 2022 Online Chit-chat Session This online session will be held to allow more opportunities for the students to interact with one another. Through this session, students get to share their research experiences and listen to the challenges faced by other students.
6 April 2022 Mental Health Awareness The COVID-19 pandemic has physically and mentally impacted everyone, and the talk aims to motivate students and discuss about mental health amidst the pandemic.
29 April 2022 Visit to Borneo Cultures Museum Postgraduate studies are not limited to research only. This event allows the students to escape research reality for a brief moment. Students get to explore the historical cultures of Sarawak and at the same time, foster social interactions and well-being amongst the students with different backgrounds.
9 May 2022 Casual Badminton Session The first casual sports event of the year – badminton session, which will be held at MPH. This event encourages students to exercise and interact with one another.
18 May 2022 Outreach & Life after Postgraduate An invited talk that introduces undergraduates to the ins and outs of being a postgraduate student, followed by a sharing on industry experiences for PhD and Masters graduates in the workplace.
25 June 2022 Sun Adventure Trip Finally, it’s time to get out of our seats and get out in the sun! This June, our PGRS committee members will take a trip to the Kubah National Park to unwind and destress.
6 August 2022
Beach Cleanup The students get to walk on the vast Golden Beach, Trombol while enjoying the scenery and collecting rubbish. This event allows students to interact and work together to achieve the same goal – Cleaning the Beach for the society.  
19 September 2022 Plant-A-Tree Program This project aims to create a greener environment for the university. More trees will be planted to provide shade, increase oxygen output and carbon dioxide absorption as well as enhance knowledge and the importance of going green. In addition, through this project, knowledge of the impact of climate change or the global warming effect can be further instilled in the campus community, encouraging students and staff to implement more environmentally friendly projects in the future.
22 October 2022 Online Games An online session to foster social interaction between Swinburne postgraduate students. This event is organised to encourage participation from students who are not able to make it to any of PGRS events physically. Games will be held to help relieve stress of the students.
11 November 2022 Potluck Session A potluck session will be held to allow students to socialise with one another. Students get to eat together, discuss about their research, or even matters irrelevant to research, thereby improving friendship and encouraging one another in their research journey.
23 November 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) To elect the committees for the PGRS 2023 term.
27 November 2022 Annual Dinner The last event for the year 2022: The Annual Dinner in which all HDR students are invited to participate in. This event allows all participants to socialise and reflect on the achievements made this year. Nice foods and prizes are included. However, the event will have a limited registration pax, so be sure to check for announcements!