Make sure you keep the original documents and store them in a safe place – only provide certified copies to third-parties.


Your testamur will include your name, program title, signature of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Registrar and the date of conferral. Industry Based Learning, Honours level and Distinctions will appear where applicable.

Your testamur is a legal document, affixed with University seal. You cannot receive a replacement if you have given the original copy away.

Letters of Completion (LOC)

A letter of completion states your personal details, course code and date that you have completed your course. A Letter of Completion is used as an interim document until the conferral of your award (when you receive your testamur).

The Graduation Unit will issue you a Letter of Completion once they have received confirmation from your School that you are eligible to graduate. It takes approximately six weeks after the official publication of results for your Letter of Completion to be issued.

If you require your LOC urgently, please state the reason and attach a copy of documented proof when you apply to graduate.

Academic Transcripts

An Academic Transcript is an official signed record of your academic history for a program of study, including confirmed completion and graduation dates authorized by the Director of Student Operations. IBL, honours level, majors, minors, distinction will appear if applicable.

You are only eligible for Academic Transcript if you have completed the course and have applied to graduation. You will receive one copy of your Academic Transcript with your Testamur upon application. If you require an unofficial Academic Transcript or Result Certificate before your graduation, you can lodge it by email or in person at Student Information Centre.

Results Certificate

A Result Certificate gives a complete listing of all grades awarded for a course of study, but does not include course completion date or graduation date.

Your Postnominals

Once you graduate, you are officially entitled to use your qualification title.

Refer to the guide below to help you determine your postnominals (the abbreviated version of your qualification title).


All Student Administration Forms are available at: