Academic Transcript


Academic Transcript

A Swinburne academic transcript gives a complete academic statement, including yearly enrolment details, subjects, results and course completion and/or graduation details if appropriate. All failures, absences, withdrawals, grades etc. are included.
If you have not completed the course, please apply for a Results Certificate.


RM50.00 for one (1) copy per course with an additional RM5.00 per copy, if requested at the same time.

Application Procedure

You can lodge it by email or in person at Student Information Centre.

Information on  how to apply are available at the Application for Academic Transcript

Processing Time

Academic Transcripts generally take fifteen (15) business days to process, longer if you have completed or graduated prior to year 2000.

If you have not graduated but have completed your program you must submit your Application for Award/Graduation before you can lodge and receive your Academic Transcript(s).

Other Information

What is the difference between an Academic Transcript and a Results Certificate?
Both documents are official Swinburne documents, printed on Swinburne paper. If you have not graduated from your course or do not require course completion details, you can apply for your Results Certificate. The processing time for a Results Certificate is shorter. If you are eligible for your results (i.e. no money outstanding etc.) we can produce your Results Certificate for you over the counter at Student Information Centre.

Free copy of Academic Transcript at the time of graduation
A student who has applied and is eligible to graduate, will receive one free copy of Academic Transcript at the time of graduation. The academic transcript is presented to graduates at the graduation ceremony, or will be mailed to them two weeks after the ceremony date, if they are graduating in absentia.

Putting in a proxy application
You may put an application form in and pay on someone’s behalf as long as you have an authorization letter from the applicant. This letter must be signed by the applicant. The person applying on the applicant’s behalf must provide a photo ID.

This also applies if collecting on behalf of the applicant.

Urgent applications
If an application is urgent, sufficient proof must be attached to the application form e.g. visa with expiry date. This does not guarantee a quicker processing time.

Is there a cost for international mailing?
The remittance cost for courier is indicated in the  Ancillary Fees Policy

Can you send Academic Transcripts to other institutes or multiple addresses?
We can mail your Academic Transcript to as many addresses or institutes as you wish as long as you have clear instructions. Remittance cost per mail out will apply as indicated in the Ancillary Fees Policy.

Please attach your application form with a letter stating where you would like your copies mailed.

Can my Academic Transcript be sent in individual envelopes?
Yes, we can seal your Academic Transcripts in separate envelopes as per your request as long as you have clear instructions to us.

Can you put a Swinburne seal on the envelopes?
We do not have a seal but we can stamp the back of the envelope with an official Swinburne stamp to show that the contents within have not been tampered with.